In Sense 2: 7, Claire Clelia Baldo examines the universe of skin and body as a landscape. A sensory exploration by the gaze, the touch. The sensation of the skin gradually taking shape, forming improbable roads, secret places of intimacy, adding or subtracting itself from the known, offering a new vision of the other. The caress of the gaze being a pretext for an unknown exploration. On these new paths, in the hollows, following the curves, the shadows, the light is guiding delicately through this new body.

Photography by Claire Clelia Baldo © 2017 LABOTIV

Sense 1

A blast and a shout
Nothing holds you
The bark skin rubs
Against the lines
Of your arched body

Sense 2

Touch the memory
It’s a drawing of red lines
Half-closed eyes looking at you
And a smile biting the flesh of your laughter
Soft intoxicating madness
You shall never follow me

Sense 3

I choose the fire
The red, the heat
Far away the road
Leading to that place
Stretching the skin
Like a changing veil
I wait

Sense 4

You were giving birth to the language you dreamt
Feeding freedoms in your imagination
Suspend every movement you created
Hear them calling you
And then look

Sense 5

Come closer to the window
The light is changing the shape of things
Moving between the shoes of passing people
It’s a surprise for this evening
A gift
Just for me

Sense 6

It’s a crossing, again
Scathing sounds calling my every steps
It’s a game of echoes
I play

Sense 7

It’s a just a journey
Give me your name
I will remember this time
Before crossing other borders
And throwing my steps in new wells

Sense 8

A shadow once whispered to me
The liquid note is still present
It’s not cold, it’s sweet and gold
It is all the essence we need

Sense 9

A finger on your skin
That story I follow
Landscapes hidden and discovered
The sandalwood scent in my memories
It’s a guide of old times

Sense 10

You are new
I can see you through the curtain
A smile for an answer and a wish to come
Feel the wind and the warmth
Blue glass pearls as eyes

Sense 11

It’s just water, just the feel of it
Around you, in you
Melting your skin
Reflecting the colours of ancient skys
It has a name, I can’t remember

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by Claire Clelia Baldo