In this work DIPTYCH Claire Clelia Baldo and Piero Viti travelled between Paris, Venice, Rome and London meeting and photographing renowned artists belonging to various expressive forms. Their work revolves around this photographic duo that mirrors their respective techniques. For each artist photographed Claire Baldo and Piero Viti deliver their interpretation, their images presented then in a diptych form.

Claire Clelia Baldo’s technique brings out a unique image which springs from utter darkness: with rapid movements of light and several exposures she captures the evolution of her model’s poses and gestures in a given time; her portraits are multidimensional, lavish, surreal – and resolutely oneiric.

Piero Viti photographs his models rapidly, yet the stylistic perfection of his portraits are akin to the great Renaissance masters who have since always influenced his artistic exploration, and his probing eye instantaneously manages to seize his model’s complexity, revealing the latter’s hidden resources.

© 2017 LABOTIV

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