The act of transfiguring is the change of form, of appearance. Metamorphosis of reality to access another vision, another identity of the body.
Through a play of lights, new or different parts of the being, of the human, of the figure are revealed.

What is identity, what are we, what do we hide, what is hidden in the bodies, in the forms of women, of the feminine; are the researches and the questionings of Claire Clelia Baldo in her photographic work.
The identity that is hidden in this “beyond”, beyond the figure and appearance that we are confronted with on a daily basis. Bodies and also emotions, revealed through this same process of transformation. An alchemy created by the reaction to light and the complicity between photographer and model.

The TRANS-FIGURA project, centered on the ballerina Anna-Lisa Alesiani made an accomplice of the photographer, captures this oneiric dimension of another visual plane, where movement and mutation are transformed into a dance of lights and forms.

Photography by Claire Clelia Baldo © 2019-2020 LABOTIV

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